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How we got to
where we are

I am “Fintel” also known as the Eurostrand Resort Lüneburger Heide. In 1973 I was founded by the two Dutchmen Adele and Henny ter Huurne in the town named “Fintel” in the Lüneburger Heide. I started life as a “Eurostrand Holiday Village” with a swimming pool, restaurant, bowling alley and charming 350 beds. Shortly after I came of age, at the age of 19, the sons of my founders, Ben and André ter Huurne, named me “Eurostrand Resort Lüneburger Heide”. Due to the great love of my guests, I grew to 700 beds at the same time.

But as adult life takes its course, my life only just began. In 1996 the Eurotropic hall was built so that I was able to celebrate large parties and indoor events. But my greatest wish came true in 1998! I got a brother: the Eurostrand Resort Moseltal. Among friends, he is called “Leiwen”.

In 2016, at the age of 43, we were proud to welcome our 400th employee. Man what an emotional day!

We are very proud of our second generation family business and have always looked towards the future. The pillars of service, quality and the Eurostrand brand have already established themselves at a high level, but the question arose as to what was still missing. We thought that with this great responsibility for over 400 employees, we would like to create something very special so that everyone in our Eurostrand-family feels amazing. We wanted employees who were able and willing to react independently. Everything that shows up. Employees who can identify, solve and even foresee problems. This meant that both André ter Huurne and the managing directors would need to give up authority and responsibility. The realization that the approach “trust is good, control is better” was the wrong one only came to André ter Huurne after 30 years in the business. With this realization came the great desire and aim for change within Eurostrand. Every single employee should become their own manager and at the same time the perfect host.

With Bernd Gaukler, not only a new managing director got to the top of Eurostrand in 2016, but rather someone who wanted to identify and develop the Eurostrand corporate culture. The management team consisted of 100 employees, talked for two days, collected and analyzed topics, and above all one thing: listened and put people in the centre of the Eurostrand family – not just the guests, but above all the employees. Not only was the Eurostrand-WHY developed, but an error culture was also established. From now on, mistakes were there to learn from them – for individual employees as well as the managers.


„With us, everyone can feel a sense of belonging and experience passion.“

This WHY has become the cornerstone of our Eurostrand corporate culture and is based on values ​​that are particularly important to us at Eurostrand. We want to give every family member the chance to experience their own moment and to fulfil both longings and wishes.

In everyday life, this is achieved through principles such as “We give you a home”, “We know your wishes” and “Everyone feels in good hands with us”.

However, our guiding principles do not only apply to our employees but also set the framework for our guests. “We know your needs” as well as “We will surprise you” because every single guest should have the feeling of “coming home” and experience their unforgettable Eurostrand-moment with the right offers and services.

Finding and living the Eurostrand corporate culture will never be finished because we are constantly working on ourselves as people and on the offers for our Eurostrand-friends. Our recipe for success, consisting of ambition, unrestrained trust, creative paths and our deep passion and internal enthusiasm, brings us closer together every day and allows us to grow beyond ourselves.

In addition to the Eurostrand WHY, 30% of the employees have now dealt with themselves and, in addition to their department WHY, have found their own personal WHY. This is still recommended to every new family member to this day, to get to know themselves better and to be who they are in their Eurostrand role.

In the difficult Corona year 2020, we used the compulsory breaks not only with renovation work but also with very special WHY-projects. How did that look like? Every single department such as Wellness, reception, entertainment and the sales centre has come up with something very special to make its “why” tangible. You can see more about these new Eurostrand-moments here: www.eurostrand.de/why The Eurostrand family is looking forward to celebrating the 50th Eurostrand anniversary with all guests, friends, family members and partners next year, in 2023.

Until then,

Your Fintel and Leiwen