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Experience and remember - Eurostrand

We have thought a lot about how you can feel even more "at home" with us. Here you can already find the first Eurostrand moments of your next stay.

"We listen and create lasting moments so that everyone feels like they're coming home."

Tell us about YOUR Eurostrand-moment that made your last stay with us an unforgettable experience. As in the resorts, you are the focus here - just click on it!

Click through our Eurostrand-moments and get an impression for yourself.

Housekeeping Leiwen

„We stick together and always do our best to create a harmonious working environment and make people happy.“

Housekeeping Leiwen

„Sleep is to man what winding is to the clock.“

Your sleep is very important to us, so that you can enjoy your days at Eurostrand. And what could rob you of sleep more than lying in a strange bed and not having the right pillow?

We have found THE solution for this. In our pillow bar we have a large selection of pillows of different shapes, types and sizes - so there should be something for every type of sleeper. Whether neck support pillows, aloe vera pillows, side sleeper pillows, wool pillows, allergy pillows or natural pillows made of millet - try it out or let our staff help you find the right pillow for the best sleep. Because the day begins at night!

Service Fintel

„We grow beyond boundaries and think outside the box to exceed expectations.“

Service Fintel

„Coffee good, everything good!“

From creamy cappuccino to hot chocolate - there's something for everyone here!

Let us inspire you with our high-quality specialities in our new coffee lounge. We create a special feel-good atmosphere for you and our talented baristas serve you coffee just the way you like it!

With a lot of dedication, quality and attention to detail, our colleagues inspire you, let you enjoy and offer you the perfect coffee experience.

Entertainment Fintel

„With imagination and dedication we create emotions to make people dream again.“

Entertainment Fintel

„Fit while on holiday“

More energy and less stress

Our entertainment team from the Resort Lüneburger Heide offers you a relaxing yoga program for young and old so that body and mind can fully recover from the stress of everyday life.

Yoga is for everyone, because everyone can choose their own pace and level of ambition and adapt it to their physical condition. As your hosts, we want to give you unforgettable moments and offer each guest the opportunity to move freely.
Take experiences with you that can enrich your everyday life!

Sales office Hamburg

„We listen and create lasting moments so that everyone feels like they’re coming home.“

Sales office Hamburg


With your most beautiful Eurostrand moment, you can inspire other guests on our website and give them a glimpse of their next stay.

After intense reflection, listening and brainstorming, our colleagues in the resorts have come up with extraordinary projects for you to make your stay at Eurostrand something very special.

We, the team in the sales office in Hamburg, have made it our goal to present all projects of our colleagues on our new website and to offer you a platform on which you too can tell us about your most beautiful moment at Eurostrand. Whether it’s a fresh XXL pizza from the new pizza oven, a spectacular cocktail show or time spend together with new Eurostrand friends – we look forward to hearing your stories, which you can send us via the “My Eurostrand Moment” field.

Technical service Leiwen

„“We stick together and always do our best so that we create a harmonious work environment and make people happy. "“

Technical service Leiwen

„Do not despair, ask technical service!“

Our guys from the technical service are always at your disposal and have developed the "all-round carefree package" for you. They want to give you the feeling of security as if you had a technician in your pocket at all times.

In each room, you will find a personal card with a description of our services. When you log into the Eurostrand WLAN, you will be taken directly to our homepage, where videos with the necessary information and explanations are available for you. In these, we will show you how the technical devices work in the room and what tricks there may be. This means that the team is available to you 24 hours a day.

Kitchen Leiwen

„"We stick together and cross borders so that people experience quality and satisfaction."“

Kitchen Leiwen

„Eurostrand Great Pizza“

We look forward to your next stay with us at Eurostrand Resort Moseltal. You already had the chance to get to know our themed evening of the Italian buffet during our holiday program and our street food evening during the party time weekends.
Who doesn't like the Mediterranean culinary?! From antipasti to pasta there is nothing not to like. Perhaps you have already found your very own Eurostrand-moment with our dishes, but our kitchen crew would like to offer you one more! The Eurostrand loves and lives show acts as well as a culinary experiences down to the last detail, so the experienced pizza baker with XXL-Pizzas are not to be missed!

Unsere Küchen-Crew in Leiwen hat Großes vor und möchte Ihnen Ihren persönlichen „Pizzamoment“ kreieren. Sie können vor Ort aus einer Vielzahl an Belägen wählen und stellen sich Ihre Pizza zusammen. Während der Koch nun ein Unikat in den alten italienischen Backofen schiebt, können Sie Ihre Vorspeise ganz in Ruhe an Ihrem Platz genießen. Sobald Sie der erste Gang eingestimmt hat, bekommen Sie auch schon Ihre Pizza ganz nach ihren Geschmack an den Platz serviert.
„Guten Appetit - und herzlich willkommen im Eurostrand Resort Moseltal.“

Swimming pool Fintel

„We grow beyond our limits and convince through passion to create unforgettable moments. “

Swimming pool Fintel

„The swimming pool and sauna area welcomes you every day with an extensive range“

Relax in an atmospheric way.
In order to offer you an all-round relaxing and beneficial atmosphere, you will find mood lights in our swimming pool in the Lüneburger Heide that transmit your positive energy to you, while harmonious sounds in the background ensure relaxation. Similar to the frequency ranges in music, each colored light consists of a certain wave range. The different colored light waves transmit energy that has different effects on your body.

My Eurostrand-moment

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    Service Leiwen

    „We stick together and cross borders so that people experience quality and are satisfied.“

    Service Leiwen

    „Shaken, not stirred!“

    And it is precisely this highlight that our service team in Leiwen wants to present to you in the new season. During your stay you will experience an exciting and spectacular cocktail show that you have certainly not seen before. Let yourself be carried away by flying cocktail shakers, atmospheric music and - we can already reveal this much - fiery specials.

    Our employees want to inspire you, let you marvel and enjoy and show you what a real cocktail should be like - with dedication, quality and attention to detail.

    Kitchen Fintel

    „We grow beyond borders and think outside the box in order to exceed expectations. “

    Kitchen Fintel

    „Bake, bake cakes, EUROSTRAND has called!“

    The smell of freshly baked bread, melted butter on slices of bread that is still warm or homemade butter cake - is your mouth watering? US as well!

    Because our kitchen team in Fintel brings our old stone oven to new life. On your next visit, warm, freshly baked delicacies from our in-house stone oven and bakery await you. Every week you can try a new variety here or buy a freshly baked bread before you go home to look back over your stay over dinner. A little Eurostrand moment at home.

    Reception Fintel

    „We grow beyond our limits and convince with passion in order to create unforgettable moments.“

    Reception Fintel


    Your stay at the Eurostrand is almost over and you are already thinking about when you would like to come to us next?

    Then we have great news for you now! Our girls from the reception have thought about how we can reward your loyalty on your next visit - and have put together various "booking surprises" for you.

    If you make your booking directly with us on site, you will receive a great surprise package as a thank you. Whether a party time package to get you in the mood for a celebration or one of four my vacation packages - be curious and let yourself be surprised!

    Technical Service Fintel

    „We grow beyond our limits and think outside the box in order to exceed expectations.“

    Technical Service Fintel

    „Coffee. Because it's too early for wine! “

    The morning walk from the house to the restaurant - often an almost impossible route, especially when the first coffee is only ready at the breakfast table.

    Our technical service team in Fintel also prefers to have coffee first thing in the morning and the question arose: "What can we do to make the day easier for our guests when the first coffee is a long time coming?"

    Clearly! If the guest doesn't make it to the coffee, the coffee has to come to the guest! But how? Well, we have a few creative minds in the technical service who have the right solution for every problem.
    A mobile coffee service is needed! The project is slowly taking shape and from the new season our own mobile coffee express will get you ready for the day before breakfast. And best of all - if you need technical support in your accommodation, you can ask our technical service for help right away!

    Housekeeping Fintel

    „We grow beyond our limits and convince with passion in order to create unforgettable moments.“

    Housekeeping Fintel

    „Perfectly happy“

    This is our aim of our housekeeping team in the Lüneburger Heide.

    In order to make your stay as pleasant as possible, so that you can feel at home, you have recently found a "wish tag" on the coat hook in your room. Make a note of your very individual wish - whether another pillow, a cozy wool blanket or a coffee machine in the room - we want you to feel at home!
    You can leave the trailer at reception until 8 p.m. and our team will do everything possible until 10 p.m. in order to be able to fulfill your request on the same day.

    Entertainment Leiwen

    „With imagination and devotion we create emotions to make people dream again.“

    Entertainment Leiwen

    „Leiwen gets started and dreams with the legs“

    People have laughed, celebrated and danced in the Eurostrand for ages.

    From March 2021, our entertainment team in the Moseltal Resort will take you by the hand with the endeavour to revive the “Eurostrand feeling”. We cordially invite you to take part in our dance courses in the new Eurostrand dance hall.

    Whether Tanzhummel or Tanzbär - the entertainment team teaches you the classics of the classics: Waltz and Discofox. Ignite your old passion on the floor or learn new steps to show the other Eurostrand guests in the evening how the bear is tapping!

    Reception Leiwen

    „We stick together and always do our best to create a harmonious working environment and make people happy.“

    Reception Leiwen

    „Relaxation from the first minute“

    So that you can enjoy your stay at the Eurostrand Resort Moseltal to the full, the reception team in Leiwen has come up with something very special:

    With the renovated lobby and a waiting area tailored to your needs, the reception team creates a harmonious environment with a feel-good atmosphere so that you can relax from the start. A modern reception awaits you in the newly designed lobby, where you will be warmly welcomed by our friendly team at eye level.

    The staff will be happy to invite you to linger in the redesigned lounge area, where you can read and have a cozy coffee. There you will also find the latest information material and Eurostrand brochures for your stay. In the family holiday program, our youngest guests can spend the waiting time in our new play and painting corner.


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