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O’zapft is! Real Madln and Buam present themselbes in smart traditional costumes on the dance floor, the brass band brings the crowd to sway and the barrel is moved to the right position for the ceremonial tapping: It is Oktoberfest at Eurostrand!

Dresscode on saturday: Dirndl und Lederhosen

Dates 2022:                                            

02. until 04.09.2022
09. until 11.09.2022
16. until 18.09.2022
23. until 25.09.2022
30. until 02.10.2022
02. until 04.10.2022

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Lucky booking

from 253,- EUR p. P. in a standard double room.

Book your luck with our lucky ticketWith our lucky booking, you don't have to commit to a date for your PARTY TIME, you can leave all the planning to chance and save big! You can book your lucky ticket directly with us at the beginning of each quarter by simply filling out the form here. With the draw, you will not only be allocated a date for your PARTY TIME stay in the next quarter, but you will also secure a great discount, which is even higher than the current early bird price. You will find out if you are one of the lucky winners on the first working day after the draw at the latest. Draw dates 2022: 1 to 15 January for dates in April to June 1 to 15 April for dates in July to September 1 to 15 July for dates in October to December 1 to 15 October for dates in January to March Translated with www.DeepL.com/Translator (free version) and get a PARTY TIME.

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The original

from EUR 260 per person in the standard double room.

Over 30 weekends we celebrate the original PARTY TIME with you. For all those who like it most classic!

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Pride Party

from 261,- EUR p.P. in a standard double room

Live diversity! Things get colourful at Eurostrand.

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from 328,- EUR p.P. in the standard double room.

O’zapft is! Look forward to Bavarian dishes such as original white sausage, Brezn, hearty liver cheese and full beer mugs.

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XMAS Party

from 255,- EUR p.P. in the standard double room.

Celebrate with your best friends to the ultimate christmas hits. No christmas stress, just in a good mood.

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